The Seven Seals

The Mysteries of the Bible...Revealed

The conditions of the world clearly show us that we are living in the End-Times. The Bible promises that before Christ's return the mystery of God would be finished (Revelations 10:7). In 1963 Rev. William Branham,a divinely vindicated prophet of the Lord, was used by the Holy Spirit to preach a series of messages on the Seven Sealed Book spoken of in the Book of Revelations.We believe that these messages are in harmony with God's promise of Revelations 10:7 and others.

In mid-February, the LWBC began studying these profound messages. We invite you to study along with us and enhance your spiritual growth. Join us in service! Sermons can also be downloaded from our Current Sermons page.

The audio and text versions of Rev. Branham's sermons can be downloaded free of charge from Voice of God Recordings. Click here to access the sermons.

May God bless you as you feed your soul on His revealed Word for our time!

"And there's only one thing left when this Seven-sealed Book is open, then the entire mystery of God, why, we probed at through years, and according to the Scripture then when there was no way to understand it until this day, because it's been hid. We've seen the symbol, what it was symbolized by, but it could not be correctly revealed until the last day. See? Now, then we must be there at the--at the end time."

Rev. WM Branham The 2nd Seal

Mark 16:15-20

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ
We are doing our part to fulfill the Great Commission and are taking this Message into the highways and byways. We will continue to work until our Lord Jesus comes.If you do not know Him, let us point you to Jesus Christ who is the Living Word.

1 Corinthians 15:52

Fresh Water in the Desert

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