The Army of the Lord

How can we be better Christian Soldiers? Paul compares Christian living to spiritual warfare and the fight between Good and Evil goes on everyday.

Over the past few weeks we targeted distinct areas of the battle. Our series included:

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Mark 16:15-20

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ...
We are doing our part to fulfill the Great Commission and are taking this Message into the highways and byways. We will continue to work until our Lord Jesus comes.If you do not know Him, let us point you to Jesus Christ...the Living Word.

1 Corinthians 15:52

Let us Go on to Perfection...
Winning souls to Jesus Christ and edifying those who are already in Christ is the heart of our mission. Ours is a call to receive the Word of God and present a living, powerful Jesus Christ to the world. Our hearts and doors are open to you. We welcome you to the Living Word Bride Church.